I have learned a lot in this job. (And this is an understatement). People are people and they are never going to change. Typically, I love to share the insanity of my job. I love to portray the conversations, questions, and just a little bit of my life.

My job is my life.

And I’ve come to figure out that being an event coordinator is one of the most rewarding jobs.

I know that people often think of doctors, lawyers, and policeman as job that bring great reward. And they do! But, not often enough do I share the positives that come along with his job.

This past May, I had a couple return to celebrate their 1st anniversary. They went completely out of their way to find me to show me their new baby during their trip!

I spent an hour with them that afternoon, just chatting about the past year. They could not stop talking about how wonderful their wedding day was, and how wonderful I was. After walking away, I realized, that even though I may want to rip my hair out, scream, and cry. I am apart of one the most memorable, emotion saturated days in my clients minds. I am in a way, their savior on that day. The know-all, fix-all, and to me, all the sweat, tears, and stress is worth it when you think of it.

So, congrats to all you getting married this 2012 year. This day should be so filled with fond memories, good food, and beautiful you. Happy Wedding Day to you and me. Because without you, I wouldn’t have a job. ;)