Fashion repeats itself. Like history. So therefore fads change, things become popular and unpopular.

Ever looked at an old picture and said, ” What was I thinking?” - well we all have.

Today may be that day for me.  I love clothes. Most days, I wear clothes to express how I feel. But, to me, getting dressed is like making something beautiful. I love to design, and my attire becomes a piece of art. With art comes opinions, judements, and comments…

Now, some may be offended by the comments, stares, and jokes. But, I’m used to it. There really hasn’t been a time in my life that I haven’t picked outfits that make me stand out. I’m proud of that.

So today, I wore my Black Friday 40% off deal. My new RED pants! As excited as I was to wear them today, I knew that my day would not end without a comment or two. As I pranced down the stairs this AM, a co-worker yelled out, “Hey Donna looking good!” - Referencing That 70’s Show. Funny. It’s true. But, also the colored pant is more of an 80’s fad verses the plaid 70’s. So, I questioned his comment.

He went on to explain that I “kinda look like Donna, and it’s not a bad thing!”

The word spread and now has appox 5 of my co-workers refering to me as “Donna.” Now, compliment or not. I love my red pants and will continue to wear them.

But, I’m sure there will be a time sooner rather than later, that I will indeed say..”what was I thinking?”